Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Feeling better

After three long days of having strep throat, I am happy to announce that I am finally back on my feet again. Actually I hit the ground running. 

School has absolutely devoured my time. Gulped it in one bite. Swallowed it whole. 

Honestly, the amount of literature I have read since the start of the semester really is sensational. Although, to my complete luck, I have discovered that most of the books can be found on Audible.com. This week is Pride and Prejudice, a leisurely favorite of mine. Sadly I have no time to laze about all day and read it so I have it on audio-book and listen while I'm cleaning/ baking/ doing other school. 

The weather in Colorado continues to be somewhat of a mystery. I've decided that Colorado is a small child that throws temper tantrums at random moments. One day it is sunny and warm, and the next it snows. I wish I was joking.

It's really unbelievable that Halloween is the day after tomorrow. It feels like October just dawned on us. November is next (obviously) and then Christmas will be here before we know it. I have to get started on gift ideas or I will never get done in time.

Stormegedon kept me company the entire time I was quarantined in my room. She's a peach.

Monday, July 8, 2013

A long day...

Today my usual vigor for cooking has sadly turned into a desire to order pizza, watch a movie and eat
ice cream alone in sweat pants and a gigantic mens hoodie.

Yes, it's just been one of those days. When I attempted my run in the afternoon rain my body decided to rebel against the copious amounts of junk food I have fed it the past week. I ran barely over a mile and collapsed. I had to call my brother and have him come pick me up. Needless to say, it was a humiliating experience. When I got back home, shivering from the rain, I plopped down on the couch and continued to watch kids shows with my little brother on Netflix. Not my finest moment.

When I finally worked up the "strength" to get up, I took a shower and then continued to laze around for the next hour watching the last half of Julie and Julia and eating Nutella straight from the container. Again, not my finest moment.

So now I am trying to finish cleaning my room and get something actually productive done.

For now, enjoy some pictures I have during my hiking/running adventures.




Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Colorado: One week in and still alive

Colorado has been nothing if not delicious so far. I have been very true to myself and made it a point to try every delicious thing Castle Rock has to offer before moving back to Nashville. I think I have done well so far, seeing as I have been in CO for less than two weeks. 

This is a delicious key lime baby bundt cake from a local bakery called The Bundt Shoppe. If you live near Castle Rock,  I highly recommend trying this yummy bakery.

I've been having a lot of fun experimenting with my new water color palette. This was written on a care package I sent to a friend.

Please, for heavens sake, try out the freckled lemonade at Red Robin. PS (It's bottomless)

Oh, and they also have bottomless root bear floats. This is what happens after your third glass. It's not pretty. :)

Amanda sent me this amazing candle. It is just so yummy. It smells like something is baking. I believe she got it at Target.

Best idea ever. A scoop of Talenti chocolate peanut butter cup gelato in a mug and then brew coffee over it. 

This was my sad attempt at making "Raspberry Buns." Apparently they are some sort of British cookie. I failed miserably at it. I think I put in too much baking soda. However, I will not give up and I shall continue my journey to make the perfect raspberry bun. Sadly, I've never had a real one so I have no clue what they really should taste like.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


My life seems to be a whirl-wind of rehearsals, practicing, duet-partner crisis', cleaning, practicing some more, performing... you get the picture. I admit, taking three musical extra-curricular activities was a bit ambitious and now I am paying for it. Don't get me wrong I LOVE everything I am doing, I just don't feel like I have had time to stop and just breathe.

I am getting more and more excited about moving. I have been doing some research about things to do around Castle Rock and there are tons of fun activities and coffee shops. (<--- the most important thing)

Last week I was able to take a quick day break and go to Cheekwood (our botanical garden) with my mom, sister, niece and little brother. It was just stunning. The perfect spring weather with lovely flowers and good company. Add an upside down Venti Iced Caramel Machiatto and it was a day made in heaven.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yes. I am crazy

Today has been a roller coaster. And it hasn't been bad and good, because it has been mostly good. But it has still been really crazy. Yupp. Today I went to Cheekwood to nanny some kiddos. I sometimes think I get along better with five year olds then I do with people my own age. Maybe because it is because I act five. Probably. Anywho. Here are a few random pics from the week!

Stay classy my friends.

Oh ps!! I stayed up almost all night watching a JG concert! It was amazing. Annnnddd I drank a green tea frappicino that tasted like grass. And I flowers that were brighter than my running shoes.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hear my confession....

Yes, the title was a play on a Josh Groban song. And yes, once again I have done a fabulous job of making a dramatic title. But seriously, I do have something I need to tell you.

The reason I don't blog much is because it makes me feel so vain. Really, I feel like posting tons of pictures of me and what I've done/ am doing is really "LOOK HOW AMAZING I AM." I know it's silly, and I am trying to get over myself. So anyways to kick off my "I'm am going to stop over obsessing over everything" challenge.. here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks...

Yes, I was bored and picked out all the marshmallows from a bag of Lucky Charms... What?

Gourmet chocolate... a gift from my Aunt. She knows me so well.

I do really bake a lot.

It was national Fish Fingers and custard day.  Doctor Who man.

It was surprisingly good.

My favourite ice cream EVER.

So funny enough, all of these picture are of food. I promise I don't just eat all the time. :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

And so it begins...

Well now that I have gotten that somewhat cryptic and melodramatic title out of the way, I have some interesting news:

We got the house we put an offer on! And the best part... our land-lord will let me have a cat. So, thank you Mr. Awesome-Land-Lord-Guy-I-Have-Never-Met. Is it sad that the best part to me is that I am getting a cat when I am moving to one of the most amazing states in the U.S.? Maybe.

I'll admit I am relieved to finally have a settled place to call home for a few years. Being in the awkward limbo, "I have no idea what the heck is going on" stage definitely was not an easy place to be. Now I can begin my plan of apack. (get it... plan of attack... but I am packing)

I really wish I had a picture of the house to show you, but I actually haven't been to the house. I'm sure mom has a picture buried somewhere I can upload at some point. From what my parent's have told me, it seems like a really awesome house on nice property, with a rocking view. It's Colorado... I dare you to find me a bad view.

So anyways, until I have more interesting news... I am off to Alabama to visit some of my favourite relatives for the week. :) SPRING BREAK HERE I COME! :)